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  1. V Star
    I am just going to let you know what's going on with my bike I have an 04 xvs1100 classic while riding my bike with my girlfriend on back I was getting the bike up to the posted speedlimit of 45mph from a red light I did not jump on the clutch hard it was smooth shifting while in 3rd gear I...
  2. Stratoliner & Roadliner
    Starter died completely after weak starts all summer. Ordered one but opened mine while waiting. Cleaned out dust, worked stuck brushes loose, polished commutator. Reassembled using right angle pick to pull brushes back one by one in a circle. It starts hard like new again. Start cleaning these...
  3. V Star
    Hi All, I need some adivce on what to check next no my bike, some background, i rode to work last week with no issues, after work i tried to start the bike and just got a whereing noise, ended up calling the rac, they said it was the starter motor so i had the bike recovered to my house. Change...
  4. V Star
    After my 2009 V Star 950 sits for a few days it doesn't start on the first try. Starter doesn't sound like it even tries to engage, just nothing. Take my thumb off the starter button and press it again and it roars to life like there was no problem at all. Strong battery, fully charged.
1-4 of 4 Results