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  1. V Star
    Hey there gents. Having some trouble getting my bike started. Been running fine for over a year and now nothing. When i went to start it the other day it just clicked once and nothing checked battery (which i just charged 3 days ago) it was at 12.5 vdc, a few days prior to the problem i checked...
  2. General Bike Talk
    Okay, so I haven't rode my bike in about 2 months. Tried to start it with no luck. So I purchased a new battery and starter and solenoid. Only because the old one would not spin. Still no start. I've done a full tune up including, oil change, air filter, coils, spark plugs, cleaned the carbs...
  3. Carb and Fuel
    Hey all, first post. Seeing if I can get help diagnosing a problem. When trying to start, the engine turns over fine, but the engine doesn’t ignite and get started. Sometimes after 6 attempts or so, it will start. When trying to start, if I give it some throttle, it usually starts up no problem...
  4. V Star
    After my 2009 V Star 950 sits for a few days it doesn't start on the first try. Starter doesn't sound like it even tries to engage, just nothing. Take my thumb off the starter button and press it again and it roars to life like there was no problem at all. Strong battery, fully charged.
  5. V Star
    So I recently came into possession of a Yamaha v-star 1100 and im not sure where to go with it its got 7000 miles on it and its been in storage for 4 years and when I tried to start it it obviously didn't crank or really do much of anything. Its kind of like when you have the engine cut off...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Just bought my first VStar, 2007 650 Custom, with 2,500 miles on it. Previous owner kept it outside, under a cover. There are a few things that need some attention. . . most of which I am not worried about tackling. The one thing that I need some input about is starting the bike. The starter...
1-6 of 6 Results