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  1. V Star
    Starter clutch went out, witch come to find out is a regular thing with this bike in particular. So as I get the timing marks on the flywheel tdc along with rear cylinder. Then I take the casing off as instructed every single video I’ve seen... After I pulled the casing off the gear that is...
  2. V Star
    05 VStar 1100 All of you have done a ton for me searching for answers that I haven't needed to ask while I've been fixing this bike 35k mile bike so thank you but I was an idiot and I panicked instead of getting an answer first. This is my first season riding and I'm doing a lot of learning...
  3. V Star
    Hey all, I went to adjust my valves today but both the timing plug and straight plug were impossible to get out. I tried using a penny/nickel/washers in vice grips but they just bent. Tried a big flathead screwdriver but still nothing. Any recommendations?? Thank you
1-3 of 3 Results