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  1. V Star
    Ok so I was riding in Easter when my bike died and wouldn't start. The pigtail that plugs into the starter relay was melted, so I replaced the pigtail (with solder, battery disconnected) it fired up and I rode it around the field a few laps with the kids. Showed the wife when she got home and it...
  2. V Star
    I'm about to purchase a used 2007 Yamaha V Star 650 classic with almost 15k miles as my first bike. The owner claims that there is no damage apart from some small scratches on the exhaust tips and rear fender. He claims that the bike has been serviced in March and has new tires and a battery...
  3. Oil and Lubrication
    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Just had a quick question regarding an oil change. I just got my bike a little over a month ago and I'm looking to do an oil change this weekend. I have everything I need, or at least I thought, because my oil drain pan won't fit...
  4. V Star
    Does anyone know where I can get a book copy of the owners/service manual for a 2002 v star 650? Silverado/classic. This is my first bike and I hardly know anything about them. I was able to find pdfs but it's a pain to go through the pages
  5. Exhaust
    Thank you to everyone who replied to my last question. I came from the world of sportbikes, so im used to those kinds of exhausts (akrapovic, Yoshimura, etc.), but this is my first cruiser. Other than Vance and Hines and Cobra, what are some companies that sell slip ons for the 650, and, if you...
  6. V Star
    I got the #8446 hypercharger and the kit that adapts it to a 2005 650 and vance and hines short shots. tried the jets kuryakyn instructed and it was not running well. So we put in 127.5 main jets and they are turned out 4. Pilots jets are 35's. Needle adjustment is richer. Runs great with a...
  7. V Star
    I am wondering if it would be possible to fit a shafts driven all aluminum wheel from an 1100 to a 650. The wheels are the same stock size, I just want to get rid of the spoke look. If not then could anyone recommend a place to get wheels for a 2003 650.
  8. V Star
    Hey all I'm new here. I've got a 1999 v star 650 custom. In the process of adjusting my mixture screws on the dual carbs they both stripped on the heads. Was super careful but the metal was just incredibly brittle. I'm looking to just replace the carbs overall at this point anyway. It's stock...
  9. V Star
    i have a 09 yamaha v star 650 i just bought a batwing fairing for it and it come with the fork clamps and bracket(pic included but it just dont want to go on with their set up.. trying to see if anyone has any ideas or has ran into this same problem with these kits or bracket.. any help or...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hey all. Bought a tricked out '01 V-star. Still trying to figure out what's original and what's aftermarket. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  11. New Member Introductions
    I just picked up my first ever Yamaha, a very well taken care of 2000 650 Classic. I have a couple of CBs but they are projects so I figured I'd get something reliable and comfortable. Already love it and still surprised at the handling for something that weighs 200lb more than my CB750.
  12. V Star
    Hello, everyone. I hope everyone is having a good day/night. I just recently bought a V star 650 Classic (01) for $1,500. The person who sold it to me said he was selling it for so cheap because he said he messed up the carburetor trying to do a DIY job. Something to do with either the needle...
  13. V Star
    What is the better exhaust i love the looks of hk and the sound. However ive heard they mess with all your low and mid range torque. Ive read about thumbscrew mod how much does it actually help. The v&h look okay and sound pretty good. Honestly looking for some performance information.Looking to...
1-13 of 13 Results