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  1. V Star 950 starting problem

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    After my 2009 V Star 950 sits for a few days it doesn't start on the first try. Starter doesn't sound like it even tries to engage, just nothing. Take my thumb off the starter button and press it again and it roars to life like there was no problem at all. Strong battery, fully charged.
  2. Pirelli Sport Demon front tire for Vstar 950

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    Title basically covers it, my current front is in need of replacement and I was wondering if this was a good fit. The guy at the tire place said it would be, but he's also trying to sell tires.
  3. 2009 V star 950 Wont Start

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    I took my bike for a ride and everything was fine started right up everytime the next day now it wont start the bike cranks but wont fire over. I notice that the fuel pump isnt priming when the bike is turned on. iv taken the fuel pump out and tested it and it works iv taken the starter and...