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    So I’m looking thru ideas and the what not and I saw this guy 05 V Star 1100 classic on Facebook with some hard saddle bags that fits for 1994-2013 Harley Davidson touring models with some other conversion brackets that fits for a Harley Davidson heritage Softtail 1984-2013. Anyone else that...
  2. General Bike Talk
    Recently I’ve done work to my 2008 VStar 1100. Allow me to take a second to elaborate on all the work done to see if possibly they are contributing factors. We put a full exhaust kit. Cobra drags. We didn’t jet the carburetors, but did sync them with a vacuum tester device. We then installed a...
  3. V Star
    Installing 16” apes on my 2006 VStar 1100 Classic. I know there is a connect that everyone goes through, forgot his name. Can you guys drop his name or page below so I can reach out to him so I can purchase the proper cables? Thanks 😘
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    Hey guys, lately I’m noticing, I can not go passed 85 miles an hour without my fuel cutoff or speed limiter kicking in.. and it bothers me. I ride with a MC and in certain situations I need to speed up but I can’t and it takes me a billion years to catch up. I need help solving this issue :(.
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    Just bought a “new to me” 06 Xvs1100 from a dealership and about a month after riding I’m starting to have carburetor backfires and pops from the exhaust. It has a stock air box and an aftermarket exhaust system. I seem to get really low fuel mileage too. I know that I should some tuning to the...
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    Looking too see what’s out there for a big bore kit for the vstar 1100. I don’t pound in it if I don’t have to also looking for something with lower compression heads for better reliability.
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Picked up an ‘03 Vstar 1100 classic about a month ago for a good deal on Craigslist (quarantine score.) Since then, I’ve been searching these forums daily for info and ideas, I really can’t say enough how helpful you’ve all been. I figured why not join myself and share some progress...
  8. V Star
    So I just rebuilt the flywheel in my 2008 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. Had to replace starter clutch at many V-Star owners have done from my reading. So we get all of that done. Then when we start the bike it had a clanking noise. So I knew timing was off. Took the top end of the rear cylinder...
  9. New Member Introductions
    hey EYNSTYN here, been riding street bikes since 2002, a 99 intruder and the vstar 1100, road dirt bikes for many years on the farm before that. do my own fixes, install parts, make my own parts(rack,seat,backrest,bottle holder, general bike art). i have been off a form for a long time, so i...
  10. Starrskream's Vstar 1100

    Starrskream's Vstar 1100

    bought in late summer 2019, 15k miles pods, exhaust, carbs done, boss audio and more. short clip of the bike