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  1. Electrical and Lighting
    Hi Bike: V star 650 classic 2000 I disassembled the bar control switches to paint the houses. Now when everything is connected nothing happens when I try to start it. The kickstand is up and the clutch is in. No buzzing from the starter motor. There is no blu/white cable on the bike that it is...
  2. V Star
    Ok so, got an old ‘00 that needs a LOT of love for a winter project. Noticed the carbs would stick open at wherever position you left them at while mated via the bracket. Figured they were just nasty, I planned on rebuilding anyway. Once separated, I noticed they opened and snapped closed as...
  3. V Star
    So I’m pretty new to the bike scene, street wise anyway. Grew up on dirt bikes. Recently I got a 2017 vstar 1300, it was dropped and needs a bit of work. I want to build a bobber, but have not been able to find any similar builds or info with such a new bike. And any of the “kits” for bobber...