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vstar 650
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  1. V Star
    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help me out here. Sometimes my 2007 vstar 650 starts right up and sometimes it just turns over without firing. When it doesn’t start I just give it a bump start and it starts right up. Any explanations?
  2. V Star
    I was wondering if anyone could help narrow down some possible issues my bike is having. I have a 2000 Yamaha Vstar 650 it has just over 40k. I was driving along today and my motorcycle started to decelerate so I tried a quick throttle twist and it sounded closer to a single cylinder engine and...
  3. V Star
    Hey y'all, first post here. I just picked a semi-beatup 2000 Vstar 650 for cheap. It came with the hypercharger, vance & hines and pingel fuel petcock installed. AIS is blocked off but still on bike. Just opened up the carb and looks like they were running stock jets. Y'all got a recommended...
  4. V Star
    I have a 2002 Yamaha Vstar 650, it belonged to my dad and was sitting for I believe over 10 years. I’m new in the motorcycle community and wanna get it running in his memory. so far what I’ve done is: new “computer” CDI (replaced with a DYNA 3000) New battery New fuses (good but replaced) New...
  5. V Star
    Hi Guys. Please help me i dont know what to do. My Vstar 650 exhaust Sounds like a can. I dont know what happend ever since i changed my cylinder head gaskets.
  6. V Star
    Howdy everyone! Today is the day I finally start the bobber build. With only about 1 more month or so until riding season is really in full effect here in Washington I figured I'd take this time and get the 650 a little love :) So far here's what I plan on doing to her: -GAK air intake -Rejet...
  7. New Riders
    Hey I’m looking at getting a Vstar and I don’t know whether to get the 650 or the 1100 starting out. I feel the 650 would be a better starter but I’ve currently been driving a 1200 Goldwing(Dad’s bike) and I’m looking to get my own soon. The biggest thing is that I wanna take it on 2+ hour...
  8. V Star
    Hey I'm just looking to upgrade my lights to brighter LEDs and was wondering which bulbs the headlight, tail light and indicators it takes? Also any recommendations for brands would be great.
  9. New Member Introductions
    First off, I’d like to give credit where it’s due. Many thanks to not only the creator of this forum but most likely you, the one reading this, for your time and contributions as well. Pages like this provide such a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are a most excellent asset to possess...
  10. V Star
    Hi. I'm a novice when it comes to bikes. I just got my 650 about 2 months ago. It started up fine every other day for the past 2 weeks. Now, when I start it, it only runs when I have the throttle down a bit. As soon as I let go, it dies out. The gas lever is on and the battery is charged...
  11. V Star
    I have fire in the front cylinder but nothing on the back cylinder of my 2001 V Star 650. I old coil was shorted. I have replaced it with a new one and still nothing. The coil starts to get hot after a while with the ignition on. The front one remains cool. I've swapped out the coils. Both...
  12. General Bike Talk
    Does anyone know if and where this would be located if it is a part for the bike? Thanks everyone.
  13. Wanted Items
    Looking to purchase a 2004 Carb from a Yamaha vstar 650 to put onto my 2001 Yamaha vstar 650. Does anyone know if they are compatible? I have done some research and notice a part number difference in the carb itself however the rebuilt kits say they are the same? Thank you
  14. Motorcycle Modifications
    Hey everyone, hoping someone can give me some idea of if I need to put bar end weights on a set of harley bars if I install them on my bike. I noticed that there are none on my Silverado? Thanks in advance!
  15. V Star
    Hey guys! Just like the title says my bike can't go faster than 55 unless I'm going downhill, and less if I'm going uphill. A little bit of background info, just purchased it from BIL with 15,000 miles on it, and it had been sitting for a couple years. Did some minor maintenance; tires, oil and...
  16. Wanted Items
    I've decided to try a set of stock headers and mufflers on my 2004 Vstar 650 Custom. I have a nice set of Vance & Hines Short Shots on it right now. They're not awfully loud, but the neighbors don't like them. I'm also wondering if the backfiring on deceleration, might be partially due to the...
  17. V Star
    Aloha All, (TL;DR will be at bottom) Here’s the situation, About 2 months ago, somebody unsuccessfully stole my 2002 Yamaha v-star 650. They put it in neutral walked it 2 blocks down the street and tried to “Hotwire” it. But they didn’t know what they were doing. They cut some wires by the...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Just thought I would stop in and introduce myself before I go too wild with this build. I'm from Poulsbo, WA and I scored a low mileage 2007 650 Classic with 4,300 miles on it last week. After a ton of research online, I decided to go ahead and build it into a bobber. I will be selling a...
1-18 of 18 Results