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  1. Stratoliner & Roadliner
    Hello fellow riders,I am looking for any pics you guys have of inside the fairing of your amp and or stereo setups. Not the part you look at while your riding but the pics of the inside once you take the outer fairing off. I want to see the different setups you guys have in there. Thanks in advance.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone I’m fairly new to motorcycles, just trying to learn as I go. Just bought my first bike and it’s a 98 v star 650 classic. Love the bike and it’s been a fun project but have run into a couple of hiccups here and there, nothing too serious. The only thing that’s got me stumped right...
  3. Electrical and Lighting
    Hi Bike: V star 650 classic 2000 I disassembled the bar control switches to paint the houses. Now when everything is connected nothing happens when I try to start it. The kickstand is up and the clutch is in. No buzzing from the starter motor. There is no blu/white cable on the bike that it is...
  4. Road Star
    Can anybody identify for me what wire goes to the brake lights and which are for the directionals from this plug picture?
  5. V Star
    I have a 2000 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic that kept burning through the stator wires so I replaced the bikes main wiring harness, the stator and the regulator. Now the bike will turn over when attempting to start but will not run. Any suggestions? Carb has been torn down soaked and cleaned with...
  6. V Star
    I replaced the brake light with an LED with a 3x strobe function before going solid bright. With the bike off it works perfectly; with it on it just keeps violently blinking with the brake engaged. Any fix?
  7. V Star
    Ok, bought this gauge for the 650. I don't like not knowing how much fuel is in the tank, and frankly, going off what I see inside, means absolutely nothing to me (lol). I get the gauge, and no instructions are included. Went back to the site, and they have nothing either. When I looked at the...
  8. V Star
    Just got an old 650 to rebuild over winter and the PO tore it up something fierce. One thing they did was chop all the wires for the turn signals and lights, I got everything put back together but no matter what way I turn the signal switch it flashes both signals like hazard flashers. Am I...
1-8 of 8 Results