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  1. V Star
    Many people have asked for this video so Ive finally put it together. I demonstrate the installation of the LM2 kit onto this VSTAR 1100, Note a small modification into the exhaust for this. Though not necessary with another attachment. Ill go over all of the parts and pieces before a step by...
  2. New Member Introductions
    New here. I came from the dual sport world and bought my first cruiser, 2004 XVS1100. I just rolled it over 10,000 miles. I've already learned a lot about riding a cruiser, and I gotta say, I'm enjoying it way more than the 650 dual sports I've had in the past. Anyway....if anyone is in my...
  3. V Star
    Hello! I am a new V Star owner and I love it. I just bought a 2003 1100 Custom. It runs great and get's me where I need to go. The other day my rear brakes drastically became less effective (takes a bit of distance top stop). I figured it's a great time to change the pads and replace the...
  4. V Star
    Hi guy, iv not post for a while, had a rest after finishing the bike build, managed to get a ride in last week as the weathers getting better in the uk and realised my swingarm bag was rubbing on the swingarm, so I’m made some brackets to mount where the final drive mounts taped some screw’s...
  5. V Star
    Hi everyone, just thought I’d document the build of my 2001 xvs 1100, I’ve only been a member around 2 months, and thought this would be a great way to share information and ideas, I’ve got some great ideas, so over the months I’ll be posting pics and info no my progress, I’ve already stripped...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Just bought an 03 xvs1100 just under 27k. First cruiser and whew she pulls. Scared me a bit on the test drive. I’m not sure which version I have nor am I sure what exhaust is on it either. But I like it. Dude said Vance and Hines but I see no identifier on it
1-6 of 6 Results