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  1. V Star
    Doing a Blue Collar Bobber kit in my 2007 650 Classic and have all the wiring and an aftermarket headlight on this bike. When I turn the key in the rear light and front lights turn on, but will not flash when turning in the turn signals and the rear lights won’t brighten when I hit the front or...
  2. V Star
    Well, they got me. Was speeding while Riding dirty and got caught so the cops towed my bike and the towing company somehow managed to bust a seal in my final drive when they towed it. It leaks gear oil where the two housings meet, as shown by the red arrow in the picture. It is a very light and...
  3. V Star
    I am aware that the problem is involving air but not sure exactly where to start the carby was cleaned out twice all the electrics work for the ignition system and fuel pump primes and functions perfectly Customer states bike ran and worked perfectly no problems until they dropped it on the...
1-4 of 4 Results