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  1. V Star
    Alley Cat was sticking out almost 6 inch and was interfering my City rides as foot break pedal is hard to reach but frequently used. Stock filer was sticking out 2 and half inch to 3 inch. Baron did fantastic job of making this kit , it almost flush to tank allowing me to reach foot break wide...
  2. V Star
    Hi there. I have a Yamaha 2002 XVS650AP-G JYAVM01N72A005211 and I was told it's a Silverado (not 100% on if it is or not) It has a beauty red paint job with whispy ghost flames. I want to get a paint chipped fixed on the front fender and can not figure out if it's original paint or not. Any...
  3. For Sale
    2014, new in the crate when bought in 2017. 4059 miles on it. $5000 Upgrades on it. Cobra Slip-On Muffler, 4" elliptical tip, Chrome Cobra FI2000R O2 Digital Fual Processor Big Bike Hwy Bars Kurakyn ISO Hwy Pegs Mustang Vintage Wide Touring two-piece seat Yamaha Passing lights Triple whammy...
  4. New Riders
    Hey I’m looking at getting a Vstar and I don’t know whether to get the 650 or the 1100 starting out. I feel the 650 would be a better starter but I’ve currently been driving a 1200 Goldwing(Dad’s bike) and I’m looking to get my own soon. The biggest thing is that I wanna take it on 2+ hour...
  5. New Member Introductions
    First off, I’d like to give credit where it’s due. Many thanks to not only the creator of this forum but most likely you, the one reading this, for your time and contributions as well. Pages like this provide such a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are a most excellent asset to possess...
  6. Daily Commuter - FZ1

    120k miles and still running strong.
  7. Oil and Lubrication
    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Just had a quick question regarding an oil change. I just got my bike a little over a month ago and I'm looking to do an oil change this weekend. I have everything I need, or at least I thought, because my oil drain pan won't fit...
  8. V Star
    Hey guys, lately I’m noticing, I can not go passed 85 miles an hour without my fuel cutoff or speed limiter kicking in.. and it bothers me. I ride with a MC and in certain situations I need to speed up but I can’t and it takes me a billion years to catch up. I need help solving this issue :(.
  9. V Star
    Just bought a “new to me” 06 Xvs1100 from a dealership and about a month after riding I’m starting to have carburetor backfires and pops from the exhaust. It has a stock air box and an aftermarket exhaust system. I seem to get really low fuel mileage too. I know that I should some tuning to the...
  10. General Bike Talk
    Does anyone know if and where this would be located if it is a part for the bike? Thanks everyone.
  11. Wanted Items
    Looking to purchase a 2004 Carb from a Yamaha vstar 650 to put onto my 2001 Yamaha vstar 650. Does anyone know if they are compatible? I have done some research and notice a part number difference in the carb itself however the rebuilt kits say they are the same? Thank you
  12. V Star
    So I just rebuilt the flywheel in my 2008 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. Had to replace starter clutch at many V-Star owners have done from my reading. So we get all of that done. Then when we start the bike it had a clanking noise. So I knew timing was off. Took the top end of the rear cylinder...
  13. V Star
    So I’m pretty new to the bike scene, street wise anyway. Grew up on dirt bikes. Recently I got a 2017 vstar 1300, it was dropped and needs a bit of work. I want to build a bobber, but have not been able to find any similar builds or info with such a new bike. And any of the “kits” for bobber...
1-14 of 14 Results