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I have a 00 Vstar1100 Classic. I replaced the stator/alternator and Reg/Rectifier last year. My wife went to ride last week and the battery was dead.

I charged the batt on the my tender. It is holding a charge and no draw. I tested the electrical and discovered my stator was not functioning properly. I was going to disconnect the 3 pin connector which attaches the stator to the 3 white wires going to the reg/rect.

THIS WAS MELTED. :eek: I do not want to replace the entire wiring harness. I have cut the wires and I am going to order new 3 pin connector..however...i have a problem.

All 3 wires are White with Black marks. I have tested all 3 for continuity and they are fine. When i get my new connector...how do I know which wire goes where??????

Help me please. lol
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