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First, no diag process thus far other than finding weak fire.
Have not yet tested coil. Won't have access to my tools or shop for a while yet.

Been working over seas for quite some time. Seldom got home but did when I could.
Last August I got back home for a few days and got some riding time in. On the last ride I had time to get in, Lucy (the bike) decided to act up. 40 mph, long stretch since last shift. Half power at best. I'd lost a cylinder.
Had it towed back, checked compression (was very good and very even, but don't recall numbers), winterized it and headed back to life.

Back home full time now so time to fix Lucy.
Step 1, de-winterize. Done
Step 2, go ahead and clean non-gorilla-fisted carb set to replace such set on bike. Done (not installed, just listing actual progression)
Step 3, new plugs. Done
Step 4, fire it up. Fires right up. One cylinder running, other dragging. Exhaust quickly shows rear cyl running and front dragging.
Step 5, spark test. Rear hot and even, purdy blue. Front red and thin.
Step 6, grab cheap champ sparkplug and close gap to near none. Install plug and fire. Two cylinders at idle, not off idle.

Weak fire confirmed.

Dug around net to find manual (hope I have it, is for later model) and decided to ask here for common issues while deciding whether to go buy cheap multimeter from Sears or wait a couple weeks and get my stuff from port.

Any common issues? Ohm coil is obvious. Any issues with plug connectors going high resistance like older bikes?

Thanks folks
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