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‘03 Vstar 1100 Classic
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Hi all,

Was attempting a handlebar swap, and all went well, had to replace front brake line, but other cables all fit still. I got everything put back together and now my brake lever does not activate my brake light. Rear brake activates the light as it should, and the front brakes are fully operable. Had me worried when I bled the lines I messed something up completely but the brakes physically work, just not the light.

I read another thread on here where someone mentioned their wires were pinched, so I checked that and they weren’t. Another member said their plug oxidized so they cleaned it and it fixed the problem. I’m not exactly sure what piece they were talking about or if there was a specific cleaning method to fix oxidation of electric components. I did have the bars completely off for a couple of days and while I tried propping the levers and controls up I’m afraid maybe some wires hung and got pulled loose.

Any ideas? Electrical is by far my weakest area, sorry for the bad “lingo.”

Thanks ahead of time.
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