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Hey guys, due to a death in the family, I have been given the task of selling off my aunt and uncle's second motorcycle. Rahter than re-type the listing, i am just going to paste in what i have up on craigslist. (http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/mcy/1820031074.html) The price is listed, but any input on fairness of htis price would be appreciated as well. I am located in Joliet, IL. Please PM or e-mail me with any additional questions. I am attempting to attach pictures for you, but if they don't work, i can e-mail them to you.


It's a 2005 Yamaha V-Star 650 Silverado with 740 (+/-) miles on it. This is part of an estate sale so along with the bike we are looking to get rid of some extras at the same time.

Standard Silverado Package:
- Two-tone paint (Grey/Black)
- Hard Leather Saddle Bags
- Windshield
- Passenger Seat & Seat-back
- Original Owners Manual
- Original Tool kit

Added Extras:
- Wide, Studded, Leather tank cover
- Chrome "Live to Ride" air cleaner cover
- Chrome "Free Spirit" Master Cylinder cover
- Chrome "Live to Ride" Transmission Side cover
- Chrome Luggage Rack
- Highway bars/Engine Guards w/ 'Yamaha' Highway Pegs
- New in the box Chrome Neck Covers
- Chrome rear Swing Arm Covers
- Other Chrome as well (some new in box not yet installed)

What else? I am also offering as part of the sale, a hydraulic motorcycle lift, rain gear, rain chaps, extra highway pegs, bike cover, trickle charger for winter storage and multiple helmets (mostly XL or XXL).

$4800 OBO. Clean title in family possesion.


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