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05 Silverado 1700 EFI conversion

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Good morning!

My name is Jason, and I own a beautiful 05 Midnight Silverado 1700. I live in Oregon and the cold weather isn't the most agreeable thing with the carbureted system I've currently got on my bike. Vapor lock is a real problem until the bike has been running for at least 15 minutes, even if choked.
Now, as far as I know, the Warrior 1700 series and mine have the same engine, mostly, with the exception of fuel delivery. How hard/expensive/advisable would it be to remove the carbs from mine, and install a Warrior's fuel delivery system?

Thanks for your time!


PS: Any Star's on the OR coast looking to ride this summer?
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If it's the same engine, your most difficult problem would most likely be the crankshaft position sensor location (s) and the camshaft position sensor location (s). Possibly O2 sensors but those are simple. Usually the flywheel will be specially made for FI and have various degree notches in it. Everything else should be bolt-on. I don't own either bike, though.
One thing you can try is on the Yamaha web site is a parts catolog for all of thier bikes. I would imangine that if the 2 bikes use the same parts they will also have the same part numbers.
try here prices are good too.
hope this help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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