Got all the stock fenders seats, pipes, bags, windshields etc for a 05 V-Star 1100 classic, silverado trim, have some other parts too. Went different route on bike so selling all the old stuff. Wanna make some space in garage, make a reasonable offer. (All parts are in great shape)

Classic rear fender with light assembly - $150CAD, $117USD

Classic front fender - $125,$98USD

Mustang 2-piece wide touring seat with driver backrest. $12-1300 brand new. - $800, $628USD

Stock V-Star 1100 pipes (upper+lower) - $200,$157USD

Stock driver seat - $50, $39USD

Stock passenger seat - $25,$19USD

Stock bars - $50, $39USD

Windshield- $50, $39USD

Crash bars with cruiser pegs - $150, $117USD

Studded saddlebags - $100,$78USD

Sure I've got a few more things kicking around but that's the gist of it. Located in Oliver, BC, Canada. 30 min drive to Washington state lines. Contact me for any more info or pictures of items.
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