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I bought this bike for my wife after becoming highly enthused about riding again, and buying a couple of bikes myself.
We've only had it out in parking lots for her learn.
I fear it's a little too late in life for her to learn, and quite honestly, I feel she'd be safer on the back of mine than on her own.
It has sat for year, covered and inside with fuel stabilizer in the tank.

It has 36,800 miles
She added an engine guard, and also the clutch lever mod (can't remember what it was called) We also added the luggage rack.
The seat she recovered. It's ok, but an ebay replacement might be in line if someone wanted the original look.
It will need a battery.
There is a small golf ball sized dent in the tank.

We're in NW Arizona.
I purchased it for $1900.
I am open to reasonable offers.

Please PM with questions or offers.



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