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I am selling my bike to work on getting a newer one. Title in hand and ready to go at anytime. Very clean bike unless you see me after getting caught in the rain. It does have a brake wire disconnect in the hand lever but no other issues, I just don't want to mess with rewiring it and both the front and the rear will stop fine. It worked before i put the risers on but must have not been long enough. It has 42,xxx miles and will go up as I ride to work most of the time, even in the winter (no snow). I have a trunk and front fairing on as my daily setup but I am pricing it with just the saddlebags like it came with. Extras can be picked up if wanted. I will post pics of both setups. The seat is the original but wasn't on the bike until I bought it a few years ago, previous owner had an aftermarket and kept that. Front tire has two seasons and rear has one, neither has more than 10,000 yet and lots of tread left. Oil changed twice a year every year.

I added a cruise control which was a game changer, also now has Oxford heated grips. Both make the longer rides easier and I use them almost every day in the cooler weather. I have ridden up to the great lakes and all the way to S Texas this year as well as commuting to work and a few other longer group rides and didn't have one lick of trouble on it. I have no doubt that with maintenance this bike will run for many more years/miles.

I have been bit by the new bike bug and this one needs to go. If you have ridden one of these you know how fun they are, big powerful motors. Please don't low ball me, I am posting here because of the community and hope to give someone a good deal. If you are serious about wanting it, let me know and we can talk. I am located in the Kansas City area. This is a nice bike but I am not sentimental and it needs to go so I can prepare for the next one.

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