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I'm Harrison and I live in Whitmore Lake MI near Ann Arbor. I've been riding for about 25 years and own several motorcycles in addition to the 07 1300 I bought a couple months ago. I bought the v star as an inexpensive bagger that I could do some 2 up with and some short trips. My bike has about 24k on the clock and is a salvage bike. I've added a stealth batwing, and an LRS recurve shield to cut down the ridiculous amount of buffeting this bike gets. I also added the the Cobra slip on since the first trip I took, I had a catalytic failure, but that's another post. Future enhancements include a radio and some upgraded passenger pegs. Not going to build this bike up much, it has a purpose and I'm going to use it as such. If touring is something I like, I'll probably upgrade before too long.

The other bikes I own:
'73 Yamaha RD350
'98 H-D xl1200s set up for road racing (not street legal)
'11 H-D xr1200s
'15 Erik Buell Racing 1190sx

I've owned at least 10 other bikes over the years, mostly vintage, but a couple dirt bikes and Motards in there, and a couple dedicated race bikes.

I also published a book a few years ago, it's a business book, but it uses the metaphor of motorcycle racing as concept for performance improvement approaches. http://a.co/jhpYoZr

here's some bike pics

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Hi Harrison, welcome to the forum. I’m going to check out your pics and your book. Glad you joined us and ride safely!

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