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07 vstar 1100 jetting issue

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Hey, I just finished rejetting my carbs with two 147.5 main jets from mikuni, and a 22.5 pilot jet. I also removed the oring from the sleve, and threw on 2 k&n filters. 2 shims on the stock needles. and 2.5 turns out on the idle mixer (stock)

Heres the issue:

From idle to full throttle everything sounds and runs smoothly.. Once you get off the gas quickly, and the idle drops back down to below normal range it seems like the bike wants to starve out that instant (cut off), but then immediately catches it self and idles back out smoothly.. I noticed on occassion, more so when im coming from a dead stand still and doing a right or left turn, the engine wants to studder then take off like normal. Other than that the bike seems to have a lot more power, and runs smoothly from light to light :)

maybe some helpful hints:

Im running straight drag pipes from cobra, The bike seemed to run worse with the baffles in and the gas smelled some what rich to me out the exhaust.

Once i removed the baffles things seemed to lessen the issues above, but are still noticable. And i no longer smelled the gas like before.

I also have a lot of popping comming out the exhaust..

Havnt re synced the carbs, but doesnt seem like syching would solve the above problems. i could be wrong.. :)

Thanks for the help guys!
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too add more to this...

It seems the only place im having the most issues...

When i rip on the throttle, i spudder then the bike just wants to tear up concrete.. Im leaning more towards piolet jets, but 2 sizes up from stock doesnt seem like it would cause this... bah so confused..
any ideas? maybe running too rich on the low end of the rpms, causing the bike to flood.
issue seems to go away once the needles open up all the way..
well i synch the carbs and no change, so i started tearing down the carbs, and poped open one of the bowls, to come to realize my needle just fell out into my hand, and the sleeve is cracked inside.... great grand wonderful!
i had my jets professionally installed, too many small parts to loose, he also tuned the carbs with vacume guages runs like a raped ape. maybe thats what it will take.
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