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6 months and no one has any pictures?

Well, let's get the ball rolling with this:

My 2008 Star Raider
All stock except for the addition of the WillieMax saddle bags mounted on Pacific Coast Star's detachable brackets.

This picture was taken July 3rd near the top of Red Mountain Pass in southwest Colorado. Red Mountain Pass seperates the small mining towns of Ouray on the northside and Silverton on the southside.

The timbers are a part of the Treasury Tunnel head of the Idarado Mine. One of the largest in the area with nearly 100 miles of underground tunnels!

I purchased the bike Memorial Day weekend and currently have just over 5300 miles on it. What a great bike Yamaha has here!

Here's a crappy cellphone pic. Out for an evening ride and didn't have the camera along. Except for the low quality I rather like this picture. The trestle bridge in the background is shown in the movie "Vanishing Point."
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