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HI Folks,

At the beginning of May of this year I traded in my 08 Vstar 250 for a brand new V star 650 Silverado Classic.

This past Sunday June 12th, I hit 3,000 miles on the odometer, that afternoon, I decided to go to the local Dunkin Doughnuts to get in some more riding time while the good weather was still around.

I parked my Bike all the way forward against the curb stop in the center of the parking lane, As I got off the bike another guy pulled into the spot next to me, he looked over and gave me a friendly wave.

We both walked in together, and as we waited for our coffee we had a friendly chat about the lousy weather we have had up here in NH for the past two weeks.

He got his coffee before i got mine but I had to go to visit the mens room to relieve myself, when I came out side I immediately noticed that my bike was laying down opposite from the kick stand, it was laying on its right side.

The Guy that had parked next to me was starting to leave but was stopped by two witnesses that saw what he had done.

He promptly re-parked in the same place and he admitted to me that he had hit the bike and knocked it over.

It was at this point that I had to be restrained by the two witnesses and a couple of other patrons because I knew that he had seen me park there and that there was no way he could not see my bike since i was ll the way forward in the parking space.

The Police were called out, and they came very quickly, within 2 minutes at the most.
I told them what had happened and, that I had several witnesses
that saw what transpired.

According to the witnesses, the guy came out side, walked over to my bike, looked it over, then got back in his truck , he then looked to his right( where my bike could easily be seen), looked at my bike and then he just cut the wheel hard to the left and hit the gas hard. instead of pulling out first before cutting the wheel, the end result was that he hit my bike so hard that it not only got knocked over but also almost knocked it into the next parking space.

According to the witnesses he then started laughing, and tried to leave, that's when the witness stopped him and took down his license plate number, so he decided to re park his truck so that a charge of leaving the scene of an accident was not included.
I was going completely out of my mind with rage at this point.

The bike was damaged so badly that it could not be driven back home.

He bent the frame at the steering neck, dented the mufflers pretty badly, totaled the saddle bags and its mounting brackets, and rear turn signals, right side floor boards and its frame bracket, bent the handle bars and right hand mirror and brake lever, broke the throttle assemble and end cap, scratched the front fender and knocked the triple beam fork mounts out of alignment and put a nasty dent and scrape on the gas tank.

After the witnesses spoke up as to what he did, they arrested him on the spot, he was also drunk.

The total estimate was well over 50% of what I paid for the bike, it was approximately $4K worth of damage.

Today I met my insurance adjuster at the dealer where he promptly wrote out a check for the whole repair and then went on his way.

As soon as he left, I inquired about another bike and I took delivery of my new 09 Vstar 950, two toned blue with pin striping and, with a quick detachable sissy bar and back rest for my wife.

Now that I have calmed down, I can't help but thinking that he probably did me a favor, I like the 950 much better, even though I had to cough up an additional $1k for the trade in and sissy bar and back rest.

From now on I'm going to take a little more care of just where I park and who is around me.

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