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1100 Custom Seats

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I have a Potato Chip seat on my 1100 and riding 50 miles is pure agony!! Does anyone have insight on aftermarket seats?
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Big Russian,

I changed to the Yamaha optional accessory seat on my 2004
1100. I have a Mustang seat on my Stratoliner. It has been a while on the 1100, I remember it was better but that's about I recall. I was mostly interested in the passenger seat. I believe some priority has been put on lowering the seat height and seat padding has suffered. So after market seats are getting more popular for those of us tall enough.

I believe the Yamaha after market set was firmer and thicker than stock. The Mustang seat has a slightly differant shape and is soft at first then firms up as you compress it. I had the two peace Mustang seat. Some have complained about the one peace seat.

Something to think about, some of our comfort comes with just toughening up the bottom and getting used to the position. Just like on a bycycle you get toughter as you go a long. I believe some of the stories about going from tired in 50 miles, to riding all day after changing the seat are stetched a bit. Posture is also a big factor.

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Well I must be the oddball hear. 5'10",160#,Hank Hill but!! I like my stock seat?? I have both a 650 and a 1100. 24000 miles on the 650 and 8500 on the 1100. what I know my thin but and the seat was a long time ago, I got red-of all the stuff in my billfold that didn't need and moved it to my front pocket, made a big change. And learned to set up.:D:D
I think it depends on your plans for how long you drive on your bike. i normally go on about 100 mile trips and can tolerate my seat with the minor improvements i have made with beadrider and sheepskin covers. mine bottoms in about 1-1.5 hours, so if i was riding more i would definitely look to replace or repack my seats. i have heard a backrest for driver is also a good investment.

i currently have a sheepskin over a beadrider that makes my stock seat on vstar 1100 custom better---60.00-90.00 i think

price wise i was looking at having my stock seats repacked by the following and i have heard a backrest is also very helpful--250 for both seats, can be less depending on your options, doesnt include driver backrest


If i had the money i would go with a combination mustang driver/rider seat--700 with backrest about 550-600 without backrest i think

hope you find a comfortable combination
Seat, lumps.


Good idea on the wallet, I often take it out and stick it in my jacket. In the car I put it in the visor on long trips. With all the license, membership cards, and credit cards it is a big lump to sit on. Sometimes I even have money in it.

I never thought any of my rider seats were that bad, it was the passenger seat I was working on. And as I said sometimes you just need to work up to riding.

I do see some indications that lately seats are not as thick. The New Stratoliner seat height is an inch lower than my 06 Stratoliner.

I see a lot of talk about changing seats here. Sometimes I think expectations are too high. On stock and aftermarket.
You guys make some good points, it does I think, make a difference to toughen up the ol ass, short rides up to longer as the season goes on, I have not had anything other than stock seats, and on a run in the summer 3-400 a day is ok. I do use sheepskin on the long runs, but the ride is day after day for a few. Nobody said it was easy.;) Enjoy the life!!By the way, for those of you who don't know, baby powder in your shorts does a world of good, plus a hell of a sight cheaper that something like "Monkey Butt"
I have the Yamaha aftermarket cruiser seat on my 1100 now with over 55k miles on the seat and still love it. I can be in the saddle for 500+ miles without any pain.
Lower back pain

I have a 2003 1100 custom, I bought it used in 2007. I kept the stock seat for a year and a half. My wife and I could only ride for about a hour then we would have to take a break. Last year I invested in a Mustang Seat, that was a great investment. My lower back pain is gone. The new seat has good support, we can now ride for about three hours at a time. Got it on Ebay for 345.00:)
I have an 06' vstar custom. I have the the "original" seat from Pacific Coast Star. They take your stock seat and change filler and shape it a little. I can ride longer with it than I did with stock. $100 and no break in time, like other aftermarkets.
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