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1100 Custom starter/electrical 2006

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When trying to start at times the digital gauges go weak or briefing disappear and the starter struggles . Like a huge draw on electrical system . Sometimes it starts just fine . Sometimes I hear a slight clank . Ground wire /connections all seem good,new battery , it's driving me nuts . Starter Clutch/Starter or is it possible relay ??
Any ideas ??
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I'm not expert but, the dimming instruments sound like heavy current is being drawn from the battery. I see this if my bike has sat for a while in cold weather. I sometimes put a trouble light under it for heat.

Is your battery a good quality one? Seems like 210 cold cranking Amps is the area. Is your charging system working OK? Your battery should measure 12.7 volts sitting with key off. After starting the bike the battery should come up to about 14 volts.

That's about it for me. Check this site for a hint.


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will do

Thanks I will check it out - I do have a brand new Battery also , but that didn't do it
Check the ground wire at both the battery and where it attaches to the engine. Make sure that the connections are clean and free of paint.
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