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1100 custom stock seat

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Anyone have a 1100 custom stock seat lying around they are willing to trade for a saddleman profiler seat that fits the 1100, or willing to sale their seat + brackets?
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I have an 1100 v star seat but it is the silverado style. I don't need another seat though...I have a mustang seat for my bike.
have you found some one to trade? i have a stock driver and passenger seat.
1100 Custom stock seat

are you still looking for a seat, I have the stock driver and passenger seats in excellent condition to sell.
I also have the stock Silverado 1100 seats. Don't know if they will fit the custom though
I am looking for a good long ride front and rear seat. give me a call at 501-4seven2-9three41
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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