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Here is some info that you may find useful. I have a 2009 XVS 1100 Custom. I was having trouble with the speedo reading wrong, which i understand is a common problem. I researched and found a product on Amazon from "Powersports Parts LLC." The device is called "Speedo Tuner Speedometer Corrector. YA-001. The cost was $79.10
The install was super simple, remove the left side cover (4 bolts) the speed sensor is right there in front of you, disconnect the speed sensor and plug in the tuner, cant make a mistake the sockets will only fit the speed sensor.
I calibrated it per the instructions and used my GPS to verify speed. My speedo immediately fell to zero and jumped up to the correct speed. 200 miles later and the speedo in dead on correct. Before this my true speed was 60 but the speedo read 68 and got worse as it increased.
Next problem...I installed a Jardine oil filter relocation kit (we all know what a pain it is to change the oil with after market pipes.) Anyway, 18 months and 3000 miles later I noticed an oil leak at the adapter, I narrowed it down to the lower hose leaking at the crimped hose fitting (apparently this is a known problem.) After checking on line to no avail, I was able to contact customer service at Jardine (216-265-8400.)
I spoke to "Bruce" and found I was out of warranty but that there is replacement lines available, but you cant find them on any website, you have to call Jardine to order them. The hoses are $22.50 and include the fitting. I ordered two and got two day shipping ($15.00) Easy to replace and so far no leaks.
For more info I have a Jardine kit #64-2103-50, the line part numbers are #07-45-36294
I hope this info helps anyone with the same problems. Ride safe...
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