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Heading is incorrect-its a 2009 model, not a 1999.

A friend of mine is looking a purchasing a 2009 650 VSTAR Classic. The bike is a one owner with 6000 miles. Owner has all maintenance records and tires look good. Its a very nice looking motorcycle ( silver gray).
Has the spoke wheels and I think, carburetor.

His questions pertains to two areas:

1-Riding two up.

He is approx. 185 lbs / 6 ft & his wife is 103 lbs / 5'2.
He is not planning on long touring rides two-three states away but more 100-200 mile round trips on weekends to state parks and a few group rides. Possibly to Kentucky or Ohio. He lives in Indiana.
Would the bike have enough get up and go with minimal vibration(60-65 without vibration feel?).
He doesn't like to ride on the interstate unless he has to. He has and will but trys to avoid it.
He owns a 2007 Triumph America(865cc / twin carb ) and the bike is adequate but likes the look and feel of the VSTAR 650.


The bike does not have a windshield, saddlebags, & passenger backrest.
Seller is willing to provide 500-600 dollars to purchase the items.
Can star brand accessories be purchased in this 500-600 dollar? He would like to install the star brand items if possible.
Does anyone on this forum have any of these accessories for sale?

Thanks, input is always appreciated.
Cold in Indiana today, cant wait until spring.
Ride safe for all those of you who are riding.
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