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A little while ago, I was riding on the highway when suddenly it seemed like my exhaust got louder (stock 650 exhaust). I thought maybe it was just my imagination or because I turned into the wind and maybe it was just in my head. Anyway, when I got home, my top muffler had a slight left to right wobble, about 1/4" maybe. I thought maybe I lost a bolt, but both were still in tact. I took off the top muffler and reinstalled it. Still loose. It also seemed to be popping more when I let off the throttle. I just bought it not long ago, so I couldn't really remember if it was that way before or not.

I rode up to a motorcycle shop and confirmed on another bike the exhaust should NOT be loose. I had a service guy check it and he said it might be the gasket where the muffler meets the pipe.

I ordered the part a couple days ago from DGY.com ($16.01 + $8.95 shipping) and got it today. It's kind of a weird part in that it's a gasket and appears hard, but it's actually slightly soft. I was able to squeeze it into the muffler and reinstall it with a little elbow grease (pretty tight fit, but that's good!).

I started it up and it sounded right again. I took it for a short spin around the neighborhood and all is well. I do have a little discoloration in the middle of my muffler now though, that wasn't there before, so it must have got a little too hot while riding. It's just a slight yellow tint, not blue, so hopefully I can find something to take it off.

If all else fails, a friend of mine just put an aftermarket exhaust on his 650 and offered me his stock exhaust for free. I think I'll gladly take it off his hands just to have a spare one around.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience in case somebody has the same problem in the future.

The part number is 4BH-14714-00-00. It's the same for the top and bottom muffler. It's part number 10 and 15 on the Fiche.

By the way, I'm not advocating any specific dealership or company for OEM parts, but just Googling that part number, DGY.com was the cheapest I found. My local shop wanted $28, but said he could go as low as $23.98, which was the other price I found on most websites.
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