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2000 vstar 1100 custom visor and horn cover questions

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i have a 2000 vstar 110 custom, just trying to make a few inexpensive cosmetic upgrades that may not be too much trouble, i hiope. i bought the parts on ebay and now i want to install and thought i would ask if anyone has done these yet

i bought a chrome yamaha visor for my headlight, anyone every installed and is it simple, looks like it sandwiches within the light assembly, doesnt look like any adhesive or screws required. i read somewhere that some silicone should be used but the directions dont mention silicone, any feedback would be appreciated.

also, i got a chrome horn cover but my horn looks like it is up against my frame and/or highway bar, anyone had any success adding the chrome cover

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I got some stuff from JC Whitney, headlight visor, turn signal visors, very easy to do, loosen lens covers, slip in, tighten back, looks good and cheap to do. Headlight was just a touch harder, but still easy. This is all on an 1100 vstar. Hope this helps some. Ride safe:)
Thanks, i recently did a few add ons to my vstar custom 1100, that were pretty inexpensive. i put the visor and cover on yesterday went pretty smoothly.

horn cover
visor for headlight
helmet relocation to passenger foot peg area
air cleaner insert that has eleven hundred custom on it, its a silk screen on plastic but dresses up the side of the chrome air cleaner.

also added some lindby highway bars but they are real nice and i like them but werent inexpensive

i am thinking of a seat and pipe mod in the spring, need to save up. guess i should have bought a bike that had some of these things.

ride safely
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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