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2000 VStar 650 Classic - Pipes, Front Bracket For Rear Seat, Bag Mounting Gear & More

Title says it all - mostly...

I've got a 2000 Vstar 650 Classic

  • FRONT bracket for the REAR SEAT (everyone gets this confused and sends me the $3 chrome rear bracket - I need the FRONT bracket)
  • Looking for some pipes. No sissy-sounding pipes. The ones I have sound great but they're really beat-up. Pretty sure the PO took the baffles out.
  • PO put in a custom LED tail light... looks ok, but it needs turn signals. I have no bracket at all. Be nice to have a license plate bracket as well. :(
  • I have saddle bags but... no clue how they stay on the bike. Little leather strings tied to the bike? I think not, lol! I do have a sissy bar setup that I haven't installed yet. Someone said that was all I needed - but I'm not seeing it.
  • Chrome on/off switch and brake/clutch handles. Mine work fine but all the chrome has peeled off.
  • Air breather/intake.... this one is rigged up to function but it looks like crap. I prefer original but some sort of custom chrome setup will do fine.
  • Chrome Valve Covers My plastic ones are junk. Chrome is all bubbled up.
  • Rear Foot pegs
  • Front flat-foot pads with whatever mounting hardware is needed.
And I need all of this on an extremely tight budget, LOL! If only we could have it all! I may think of more stuff later, but those items stick out to me the most right now. The biggest thing is that rear seat bracket and whatever holds the saddle bags on! UGH!
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