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2000 xvs1100 starter works, but will not crank over

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When I hit the start switch, the starter spins. Two starters both do the same thing. Its not the starter relay, not the battery, they work fine. If it was the battery or starter relay, then then starter would not get voltage and not spin. Opened up the crank case. The starter spins the Gear, idler 1, which inturns spins the Gear 3. this spins the gear, idler 2, This has the rotor attached to it, and that spins too. although the engine does not kick over. I am suspecting the Key on the crankshaft is broken. Does anybody have any other Ideas on what could be wrong.
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i have the exact bike. i added a new battery about a month ago because the motor wouldnt start, it would crank some but not start

the temp got down to 40 and was rainy for about a week and when i tried starting , again, it cranked for maybe ten seconds then would turn anymore and engine didnt fire. after putting on tender for an hour it started up, not sure what this is either.

aint it fun. i dont know if i have a similar problem as you or not

hope you find a cure. i guess i will have to keep a tender on my bike all winter since i store outside
I had battery problems a couple of years ago, and discovered it was the voltage regulator over charging the battery causing the battery to slowly loose its ability to hold a charge. If the voltage regulator puts out too high of voltage it will eventually after a long ride, might cause your battery to swell from the gas build up. This is dangerous. you might check the voltage on your battery when it is running. The voltage regulator is located under the panel below the battery and behind the tail pipes.


Go to Yamaha, star motorcycle site and look at the parts manual. The parts view may help you. Check out the starter one way assembly. See if that can be your problem. Sound mechanical to me not electrical.


It is mechanical. I know that already. I think on the crankshaft piston diagram, on the crankshaft there is a Key, woodruff. If this is broken or gone then the gears on that shaft will spin freely when cranked by the starter.. I think... I ordered a service manual from bike band*t that might give me more insite on exactly how these two parts work together. I dont have a garage to pull everything apart. so I want to be almost certain what parts to order before tearing it all apart.. so I can put it back together at the same time.
v-stars are notorious for starter problems. on the front of the starteter case there is alighnment notches on both sides. over time the mounting bolts secureing the starter to the frame will come loose. when they do they will bend under the torque from the starter. you can tell if this is happening by checking to see if the alighnment notches are in-line. if there not, all you have to do in tighten the mounting bolts. i dont know if this is whats wrong with your bike, but i hope it helps.
Hi mate,sounds like it could be the starter clutch ,you will need the rite puller to remove it.you can buy service parts for it ,but mine had a crack rite through it so had to get a new one. John
I had to replace my starter clutch on my 06 1100 classic at 33k. Found out that the cam timing on the rear cylinder had slipped. Caused the engine to kick back. I tried to get Yamaha to cover some of the costs but no use.
Good luck
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