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I've parted out a 2000 V-Star due to engine problems.

All parts are in great shape. I'm located in Tampa, FL but I can ship anywhere in the US.

Here's a list of what I've got, let me know if you're interested.

-Air Box
-Battery Box
-Master cylinder, lever, and mirror
-Clutch cover
-Clutch hub basket
-Clutch lever with mirror
-Clutch nut, washer, and bearing
-Clutch plates
-Clutch pressure plates
-Exhaust (not sure if I can ship)
-Final Drive
-Front and passenger seats
-Front end (forks, triple tree, axle)
-Kickstand (with the bracket)
-Left side frame cover
-Oil filter cover
-Oil pump
-Fender struts
-Frame neck covers
-Master cylinder cover
-Rear cam cover
-Rear wheel
-Rear axle
-Right side cover (chrome)
-Sissy bar
-Speedometer (13,000) miles
-Speedometer chrome cover
-Starter gear
-Starter motor
-Tool tray
-Turn signals
-Vacuum pump
-Wire harness

I've also got all these parts on eBay if you want to see pics. Just send me a private message.

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What about the clutch lever perch? That's the part that clamps to the bars. Don't need the mirror or lever though

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Old thread but...
Anything left? Forks? I live in St. Aug could come peruse
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