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I've been busy the past few days with my bike which I use as my daily commuter.
1. Two new Commander ll tires, got 23k miles on last set.
2. New EBC HH pads front and back, has 23k on last set, could have gone longer but had bike apart.
3. ED oil relocate kit, got tired of dropping exhaust, kit is great and really like personal note from manufacturer if I had any issues to contact them, don't see personal notes like that much any more that is hand written.
4. New cobra slash cut full exhaust, great fit, great looks and WOW it sounds great. My old front header pipe was starting to show it's age (like me, ha ha) and the rear heat shield had fallen off. One main reason I went with this exhaust is the rear header pipe is closer to the bike and is angled different. Being short legged I was always burning my leg.
5. Cleaned carbs as you can see from picture the trash from gas tank that I had cleaned a while back was still in carbs.
6. Rejetted carbs, started out with 112.5 and 115. Didn't run like I thought it should so went 115 and 117.5. I do have a KN stock replacement air filter so that may be why it liked bigger jets.
7. Drilled PMS plugs, went out half turn, still popped some so went out have more turn, no popping.
8. Synced carbs.
9. New plugs.

Bike runs better than ever before. All this work was completed in two day, as I said earlier this is my daily driver and could not be down.

I want to thank this forum and all the members who post on modifications to their bikes. Using this forum and a few others I was able to complete all the work with not issue and knew about the carb issues I might face. If anyone would like any more info on work done I will be happy to expand work done.
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