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2002 1100 Dragstar

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I have a 2002 1100 'Dragstar' Custom. It didn't come with a manual, and I can't find the model number.
Can anyone tell me what the model number is?
Or how to find it.
On the Yamaha site, it only mentions; Classic, Custom and Silverado. Is it just the same as the Custom?
Thanks for any info.
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I believe the Drag star is very similar but not exact. If I have it right it is the European version. The model number should be behind the headlight.

I searched the web for a manual came up with this site. You might also try an European Yamaha site. There have been some posts here from Europe with Drag Star bikes. Look through some old post and see if you can come up with anything.


I have the 2002 classic, model number XVS1100A. The custom is just XVS1100. No difference between the V star and dragstar, just the badge on the tank.
To be exact, Yamaha have put extra letters after this too to differentiate different years, see this listing
So yours would be the XVS1100P/PC.

V Star is the US and other places' name on it, Dragstar is Europe. The chassis number is punched into the head stock, you'll see it when the bike is on side stand, steering turned left, its between the ignition barrel and the headlight.
The engine number is stamped on the engine itself, on the right side, between the bases of the cylinders.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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