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2002 V Star 1100 will not start

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After an hour long ride, we stopped to stretch. Noticed sulphur smell and detected smoke coming from battery compartment. Waited an hour and tried to start bike. It was dead - nothing. Towed it home took it apart. Battery was bulging - will replace. Replaced rectifier changed out battery, still won't start. The battery I used is old and probably will need to be replaced. One other problem, headlight (low beam only) and turn signals don't work. Checked fuses - non blown.

Did battery overcharge because of faulty recitifier? Did I blow the bulbs because of faulty rectifier. Or is it more likely a short in wiring?

Can anybody help?
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Replaced rectifier, battery and headlight bulb. Checked all trun signal and brake light bulbs. They were all blown. I replaced them and now they work. I finally got her started, she ran for a few minutes and then choked itself out. Can't get it started, no idea what's wrong now. Will probably end up at the dealers.
This sounds like an electrical issue to me. Not sure what ever came of this, but I had a similar issue on my old honda and it turned out to be the connection from the battery to the fuse compartment. Replace the wiring going to the fuse compartment from the battery or where ever its running from.
Hey, wis guy. It's been 2 and a half years since this thread (or any other post by this guy). I'm guessing he's not visiting this forum anymore:confused: It would have been nice to get an update/final diagnosis...:confused:
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