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2006 VStar 1100 Pipes and Saddle

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Two years old but good as new. For sale.
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Yes. They are the original twin mufflers without the header pipes.
PM Price

Mufflers: $150
Seats: $100
Can you send pictures of the mufflers to me cause if they are in good shape consider them sold cause i will buy them immediately also does that price include shipping? and if not can you find out the shipping to 83648

Will do. I will post pictures tomorrow. I assume cheapest shipping mode via USPS.
Well i agree that USPS will most likely be cheapest however i need average weight and dimesions in order to figure out what my cost will be
the package is 22 lbs and the demensions aare 36 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches. From 48823 to 83648 tghe rate is $24 parcel post and takes up to 7 days.

my email is [email protected]. Please send me an email so I can send you pics. I can't figure out how to add pics to this message board...


Found out about adding pics. Here they are

I think...


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dang I wish you would have gotten back to me earlier I ordered a scratch and dent set already both head pipes and mufflers
Been working a lot of OT so haven't been able to respond any quicker. Oh well...
I know it's been a few months since you posted, but do you still have the mufflers for the vstar 1100?
VStar 1100 Mufflers

Yes. They are packaged and ready to go.
Aw, nuts. I just bought the mufflers off of someone else a couple hours ago. Sorry, good luck!
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