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You know you want one. One of those choppers that thumbs its nose at conformity and convention, something that says you're a bad-ass who shouldn't be [email protected]#ked with but yet which comes with a factory warrantee.

So Star Motorcycles has answered your call with its Raider, a new bike that promises the personality of an OCC chopper with the reliability of a Maytag.

"This design and idea is a more cutting-edge side, not the traditional old Western-type of cruiser," Tommy Yasunaga, the Raider's project manager since coming to the U.S. in 2005, told Motorcycle.com. "This is the kind of bike that is very custom. We made sure to keep it sharp – don't use more round shapes. And we focused on more details."

At 37 years-old, Yasunaga is right in the target demographic for the Raider. It's part of a shift in the cruiser market that is turning away from the "Classic" heavyweight character with fat tires and fenders.

More: 2008 Star Motorcycles Raider on Motorcycle.com
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