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The word icon is described as an important and enduring symbol. For Yamaha and Star Motorcycles, the VMax stands near the top of its bikes eligible for icon status. First seen in 1985 and barely revised since, this all-new VMax has gone through a decade-long gestation, with development work going back to 1997. The first running prototype was judged to be too big and the power too linear.

Now sold under Yamaha's Star Motorcycles banner, engineers grappled with the concept of a rebirth of a legend. Star is positioning the new VMax at the edge of the expressive/aggressive personality of the modern cruiser category. As such, they use terms like hot rod, muscle, power and respect to describe what the VMax represents.

To make sure Star was hitting its target audience, they conducted extensive market research with focus groups. Owners of the previous generation (which have an average age of 45-plus years) insisted a new version should have improved handling, increased power, a better riding position and continued use of shaft drive. And they were adamant for Star to use a V-Four engine and "keep the V Boost!"

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