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2009 VSTAR 1300 wiring

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I would like to connect the lights on my new saddle bags to either the rear tail light circuit or the turn signal circuits. I would like to identify the correct wires and/or connectors that can be accessed to neatly and professionally make the connection without cutting un-necessarily and creating a hack job.
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Wire colors

You might go into the tail light and get the color codes off the wires and then decide where is best to pick off wires. I believe they all go through the tail light. But can also be picked up under the seat once you have the colors.

Here is a link to a shop manual, but I do not know all the abbreviations for the wire colors.


At the connector for the tail lights the blue w/red and blue wire is the tail light and the yellow is the brake light. black is ground.

VSTAR 1300 wiring

Thanks for the help. I found the two blue/red wires under the seat. They were factory connected to a single blue/red,crimped and then wrapped with black electrical tape. Just removed the tape and wired the new lights. Retaped just like the factory and they work fine. Again thanks for the help.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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