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2018 Yamaha Meet and Greet

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

Me and Keith Post discussed an idea of the forum members living around south east to meet sometime next year. We're thinking that one of those Maggie Valley Bike Rallies in Smoky Mountain area would be a great place to personally meet up and hang out together for a few days. Please, respond if you'd be interested in attending, we're trying to figure out how many of our members would like to get together and meet each other. Below is the link to the Maggie Valley Rally site, they hold it 3 times an year so schedule might be a bit flexible.

Meeting details:

1. Dates are Sep 20-22, we are meeting at Wheels thru Time museum on Sep 21, at 10 am. Please, see page 6

2. We have a block of rooms reserved at Waynesville Golf and Spa resort under "Yamaha Meet and Greet". Please, call 828 456 3551 and ask for Rita, she will answer your questions and help you with your room reservation.

Please, share/respond. Forum members and their friends from everywhere are welcome even though it is called "regional" as well as all bikes.

Thank you!

2018 Rally Dates - Maggie Valley Rallys

List of participants

Please, indicate if you're going to make it, not or it is to be confirmed (TBC). Green color - those who have confirmed.

Oscar (nurtaeff) - coming
Oscar's wife - coming
Tim (Oscar's friend) -coming
Cat (Oscar's friend) - coming
Keith Post - coming
Keith's Daughter - coming
Keith's Son in Law - coming
Brittct - coming
Brittct's dad Tim - coming
Bknight - coming
Bknight's friend - coming (sharing room)
patrickdk - coming
Darksider - coming
PI.GIRL - coming
ChiefGunner - coming
ChiefGunner's wife Michelle - coming
TheToymaker - coming
Mel Harris - coming
GARider - coming (22nd)

If I missed anyone I deeply apologize - please, add yourself and your companions to the list!
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