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21 front wheel questions

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So i got my 21 inch front wheel mounted, swapped to the a/b bearings
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. The wheel came off a 2002 dyna, its 21x2.15. Unless i did something wrong my caliper is 11/16 from bolting back up, i have 1 3/8 inch of spacers on both sides. Can anyone chime in as to what i may have done wrong.
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Well i went back and checked.. the seller made a mistake on the listing.. i bought a narrow glide wheel that was listed as a wide glide wheel.. so looks like im buying another wheel tomorrow
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After a lil serching i found the correct wheel. Pulled from a 05 wideglide, 1 inch bearings. Harley Front 21" x 2.15" 40 Spoke Black Single Rotor Rim Wheel | eBay
Proper wheel mounted, brake caliper fits like its supposed to
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