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Hi folks,

obviously new to this site. Been riding for a while, though I'm an older rider I'm still mad keen on two wheels.

After a few years on my old Virago, I bought an 07 Classic from a bloke who had owned it from new. The guy had never really 'ridden' the bike, and it sill had the new diff whine in it when I got it.

Currently having an issue as I picked up some bad fuel and the vent pipe from the float chamber is leaking fuel. Been told that fine silt can build up and cause the needle and seat to stick so the float chamber overflows.

Apart from that, I've not had an issue with the ride at all, it's a nice machine, though the engine is not as smooth as the Virago with more vibration.

In the middle of doing the usual oil changes and decided to go with a Nulon product. I've always worked on my own bikes and cars, with great satisfaction. Looking at doing the mod on the intake filter housing to get it breathing better, I'd appreciate any advice from folks who have done this mod.

Well, there's a break in the rain now, so I'm going out to finish doing my oil change :)


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