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Hello guys,

I am in the process of getting my spoked rims powder coated. Today, I brought the wheels in to get the tires removed. I spoke to the gentleman saying that I was getting the tires removed, then off to PC, then back to get the tires put back on after I get the rims trued.

I was planning on getting them trued by someone else since he was a lot cheaper than these dudes at the shop I brought the wheels to get the tires removed.

In explaining my plan to him he brought something to my attention, and since this is my first time doing any of this it kind of threw a curveball at me.

He told me that truing a wheel is one thing, but what I am doing is wheel building. Therefore I will need to tell the gentleman that is truing the rims for me the offset dimensions for both the front and rear wheels. He said you can true a rim no problem, but it could be 2mm to the left or right for example, in which it will pull that way if not centred properly. I did not know that, but now makes sense.

Now, the one dude is charging me $60 a wheel to true, but these dudes will do all of it for $330. And they are very professional, apprenticed under WWII mechanics in the 70's, where as the other guy does it in his house. I think I will go with the more expensive route as I trust these guys with the most integral part of my bike, and I have not met the other guy.

But, my bike is in pieces, on a lift in my living room. How do I get these offset dimensions or is there a standard for a 1999 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom?
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