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If your floorboards scrape like mine do(on most corners) I found a FREE tip that I don't scrape much or as bad.
After hitting the mounts On both the L & R sides I needed to do something . My ridding group has a trip to the mountains planned less than an hour from the dragon . I have something in the design stage. long story short, I lost 1 of the bolts holding the mnt to the frame. When I put the new bolt in I loosened the other & pushed up to put the mnt as high as possible.
Well I noticed I wasn't scraping much (even 2-up)on the R side were I put the new bolt. When I looked at the tire I was using about 1/2-3/4 more tire than before :eek: I Did the L side when I got home .Now I scrape lightly ,nowhere near as hard as before .Did a few tight U-turns (how I hit the L side mount)with little contact.
just loose mount bolts , push up & re-torque . done!:D
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