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950 Saddlebags

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Looking for the hard leatherwrapped bags for the V star 950, the ones that come on the tourer. Msg me if you have a set for sale! :cool:
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It's been a long time since you posted this but did you ever find them? I do have a brand new set that has never been installed. Suggested retail at your Yamaha dealer is approx. $1689.00 + tax. There yours for $875 if you still need them. They include both bags with key, black main mounting brackets w/ footpegs, chrome mounting arms, backrest pad and upright and includes every piece of mounting hardware and rubber grommets.
You can call for details 714-893-6094. How about the OE shield kit? I have that also.
did you ever get those bags? I have some in new condition I took off after the first 100 miles. comes with mounts and mounting hardware. asking 700 obo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts