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Tried to sell this on Craig's List but didn't get any bites, so I'm trying here.

Ultimate Seats Midrider plain (no studs) with backrest and rain covers, no passenger seat.
Being sold for $350 plus shipping from So California.

I have an ultimate seat with drivers back rest and rain covers for a Yamaha V-Star
950. I sold the bike and the guy wanted the stock seat instead of the ultimate seat,
so I'm selling it here.

If you've ever sat on an ultimate seat, you'll know just how great they are. Not only
is the padding and covering material made of much higher quality materials, but in
the case of the V-Star, the seat is actually wider at 16" instead of the stock 14". This
seat is just as comfortable after 5 hours as it is for the first hour. (And probably all
day - 5 hours is max I used it for in one day)

Was used for right around 1500 miles, but shows almost no signs of wear. This
includes the drivers seat with backrest and rain covers. Rain covers have never been
used, and the seats never been rained on. The drivers seat and backrest direct from
Ultimate Seats is $580, the rain covers are another $40, and then if you were to buy
from then, they would charge another $40 for shipping. That would put your cost
from Ultimate Seats at $660.

This is for a 2012, but I'm sure would fit other years as well.

Save yourself over $300. Price is $350 firm - plus shipping from So Calif.

Since I sold the V-Star I'm not on this forum as much as I used to be. Feel free to write direct at [email protected] or text me at 760-930-0395 (after 10AM Pacific time please)
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