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Recently purchased my 2nd Bike, a '98 Royal Star 1300 w/20k miles on it from my brother in my MC Family.

Late last year I had covered some 1500+ miles next to the 1300 now affectionately named Beauty while riding Lucy my '04 650 VStar. Was not only fun to keep up with the bigger bikes during all out sprints but I also fell in love with the Royal Star. When my brother shared during our ride that he was putting his bike up for sale I put my bid in to buy it.

Ta da!

My Evil Plan Generator told me to make sure I had a back up bike so of course now I have 2 because it's not prudent to ignore the EPG!

As it turns out, Beauty wasn't wrenched on by my brother in the MC as much as a local mechanic. Personally, I prefer to do all of work on my bikes and this story is a tale about why that's a good idea, at least for me.

Of course with Miss Lucy up on blocks as I change out her tires, Beauty also wouldn't start this past Monday and I needed to get to a couple of classes I'm taking among other things, ya know like work. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and my bikes are my main transportation beyond friends / public transit and I prefer my bikes unless perhaps it's raining. I do however ride year round.

Beauty turned on at the console at first but kind of fizzled on the start like the starter wouldn't crank. You might imagine what ran through my head, battery, starter, something wrong with the ignition, gah! Then, I lost all power completely IE turning the key wouldn't bring up the lights, etc.

I decided to start with the basics, battery and fuses. I know I should have started with the battery but I chose the fuses first because I hadn't yet pulled the cover nor had I located the main fuse plus I had some time since I was missing class so part of doing so was learning my new bike. Finding all in order with the fuses and trying Beauty again a couple of times, I finally noticed the very faint glow of my Neutral light. I popped the seat off and examined the battery and er... bingo because of what I found.

It became obvious that I might have some issues at the positive terminal. I knew the bike had blue LED lights installed tucked up and under and that there was a switch to run them that a mechanic had disabled. What I didn't expect to find was that the fellow left one of the wires dangling loose and exposed and the other connected to the terminal. I taped up the loose wire and went in for a closer look. The terminal screw was loose and warm and discolored presumably from corrosion and poor connection. Beneath it the LED wire was corroded and as I shared, served zero purpose besides being part of an issue.

I used a mirror to check the bottoms of the connectors so as not to bend them all out of shape and then polished them up clean.

With everything now in working order Beauty fired right up and so I buttoned her up after polishing the hard to reach places.

Of course my EPG told me that I now need a 3rd bike in case of just an emergency. Decisions, decisions!

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