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BAM air box mod - long-winded review

I had some reservations with this, let start out by saying first. Not that I didn't believe the idea wasn't a good one. It was, and is. But I had it firmly in mind that big air was the best way, and I wanted the air box outta there. But, I challenged and questioned TBrain at length, and he graciously discussed, at length, on and off the forum his idea about this air box mod, and why it worked. He went overboard on a sales pitch a time or two, and we got past that, and you all know what? I decided I'd give this idea a real go. It was clean, simple, kept certain Yamaha things in place for a guarantee of proper function within certain parameters. It was also a good price.
So, I ordered the kit from TBrain. It came quickly, and with good instruction via email before it even arrived. He has followed up numerous times. This guy is on the level. Then, it arrived, and that feeling was further illustrated in the excellent construction and fit of the product. Proper screws, washers, plastic sleeves so the shims didn't crush or warp…he's got this thing thought out better than some other aftermarket products I've looked at. I got a K&N filter to complete the install, and it was very easy. Very. A chimpanzee-minkey (as one Inspector Clouseau would say) could do it.

How does it perform? I'm comparing this to the air box lid off method. A minor mod, compared to a big air kit, but still, this does change things noticeably. So does the BAM mod kit. But, in different ways. This really depends on what you're looking for here, folks. What I notice about the BAM kit is that it seems to maintain much, if not all of the low end power & torque, and may even improve on it. I also note that it appears to have indeed freed up the top end some. With a proper tune, this could well, as I've seen, be competitive with big air kits, possibly surpassing them in the low end, judging from dyno charts I've seen. How does it compare to simply taking the lid off? With that mod, I noticed some low end losses on slower curvy mountain roads, in top gear lugging it a bit. I also noted that when it hits its stride, it really hits hard with no lid on it. I don't know if the BAM mod on the stock lid smooths out the power and air velocity to the point where it just isn't felt so much, but I do "feel" as though the lid total off of the stock air box hits harder in the mid-range to top end. That being said, the BAM kit is a definite improvement over stock. I always felt the totally stock air box felt limited. I've confirmed that on these same slower, curvy mountain roads…definite improvement over stock. It can be felt.

I have seen TBrain take some heat on various forums, and I do believe this to be largely baseless. He's come up with a good idea, backed by some solid theory on how it works, and has had some folks post some ready no results. If you don't want to go with a big air kit, this mod might get you close…very close…and is a lot less time and money. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Troy W.
Ellijay, GA
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